Solid Glass Retroreflectors

Solid Glass Retroreflectors/Drawing(1k)

The solid glass prisms are produced from fused silica Homosil or Suprasil and have sharp cube edges and surface flatness of λ/10. The deviation error is under 2". The shape of these prisms is either hexagonal or circular.

Aperture Diameter Ordernr. Price 1-5 pc. Price 6-10 pc.
15 mm
20 mm
25 mm
STR 15
STR 20
STR 25
€ entfaellt
€ entfaellt
€ entfaellt

Coatingsto top

  • Antireflection of the entrance faces with multilayer coatings for the visible. Minimal residual reflectivity about 0.2%  STR 1 | € entfaellt
  • Antireflection of the entrance faces with double-layer coatings for a selected wavelength. Minimal residual reflectivity about 0.1%  STR 2 | € entfaellt
  • Reflecting surfaces coated with evaporated high-reflectivity metallic film to reduce the change of polarization → on request

Available on special orderto top

  • Prisms with other dimensions  → on request
  • Prisms with lower accuracies  → on request
  • The prisms can also be supplied mounted in a holder with or without a mounting post.  → on request
  • Hollow retroreflectors consisting of three flat mirrors of glass or Zerodur mounted by optical contact or cement.  → on request
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