Special Constructions

Our company also has the in-house capability to produce special constructions based on your requirements or drawings.

Polarization opticsto top

  • Glan prisms with side window for dispersion-free exit
  • Glan prisms with side window for 90° deviation
  • Double Glan prisms
  • Brewster laser polarizers
  • Pile-of-plates polarizers
  • Calcite rods for parallel beamsplitting
  • Savart plates
  • Polarization rotating quartz plates (also for polarimeters)
  • Polarization interference filters based on Lyot-Öhman for laser applications and astronomy

Glass and crystal optics for VUV, UV, VIS and IRto top

  • Spherical and cylindrical lenses
  • Achromatic, apochromatic and chromatic lens systems, objectives, collimators and condensers
  • Design of special optics
  • Laser expansion optics, also for high-power applications
  • Prisms of various shapes and for different applications
  • Littrow prisms, also with spherical surfaces

Mirrorsto top

  • Convex mirrors

Mechanical componentsto top

  • Complete laser beam expansion systems with or without spatial filters
  • Soleil-Babinet compensators with motor drive facility