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Catalog complete:
PDF Complete catalog  in english
BHalleCatalogEN.pdf 15 MByte
PDF Objectives-complete BHalleCatalogEnglish-Objectives.pdf 725 kByte
PDF Laser Collimating Lenses Laser_Collimating_Lenses.pdf 105 kByte
PDF Best Form Lenses Best_Form_Lenses.pdf 140 kByte
PDF fs-Achromats fs-Achromats.pdf 116 kByte
PDF Special Imaging Optics Special_Imaging_Optics.pdf 130 kByte
PDF UV lens for CCD cameras UV_lens_for_CCD_cameras.pdf 169 kByte
PDF UV-VIS-IR achromats UV-VIS-IR_Achromats.pdf 153 kByte
PDF Short Focal Length Polychromatic Lenses Short_Focal_Length_Polychromatic_Lenses.pdf 135 kByte
PDF Short Focal Length Focussing Lenses Short_Focal_Length_Focussing_Lenses.pdf 90 kByte
PDF Short Focal Length Negative Lenses Short_Focal_Length_Negative_Lenses.pdf 90 kByte
Mechanical Components
PDF Mechanical Components-complete BHalleCatalogEnglish-Mechanics.pdf 929 kByte
PDF Holders for Best Form Lenses Holders_for_Best_Form_Lenses.pdf 108 kByte
PDF Iris Diaphragms Iris_Diaphragms.pdf 101 kByte
PDF Graduated Rotating Mounts Graduated_Rotating_Mounts.pdf 326 kByte
PDF Large Spatial Filter Large_Spatial_Filter.pdf 277 kByte
PDF Laser Pinholes Laser_Pinholes.pdf 98 kByte
PDF Plates-complete BHalleCatalogEnglish-Plates.pdf 282 kByte
PDF Fabry-Perot Interferometer Plates Fabry-Perot_Interferometer_Plates.pdf 99 kByte
PDF Plane Parallel Plates Plane_Parallel_Plates.pdf 104 kByte
PDF Polarizers-complete BHalleCatalogEnglish-Polarizers.pdf 729 kByte
PDF Foster Polarizing Beamsplitters Foster_Polarizing_Beamsplitters.pdf 106 kByte
PDF Glan Polarizing Prisms Glan_Polarizing_Prisms.pdf 160 kByte
PDF Glan Polarizing Prisms for High Power Applications Glan_Polarizing_Prisms_for_High_Power_Applications.pdf 116 kByte
PDF Glan-Thompson Polarizing Prisms Glan-Thompson_Polarizing_Prisms.pdf 48 kByte
PDF Hanle Depolarizer (Scrambler) Hanle_Depolarizer_(Scrambler).pdf 144 kByte
PDF Lyot Depolarizer Lyot_Depolarizer.pdf 107 kByte
PDF Different Types of Polarizing Prisms Different_Types_of_Polarizing_Prisms.pdf 94 kByte
PDF Polarizing Beamsplitter Cubes Polarizing_Beamsplitter_Cubes.pdf 118 kByte
PDF UV MgF2 Rochon Polarizers UV_MgF2_Rochon_Polarizers.pdf 125 kByte
PDF Wollaston and Rochon Calcite Prisms Wollaston_and_Rochon_Calcite_Prisms.pdf 107 kByte
PDF Wollaston and Rochon Quartz Prisms Wollaston_and_Rochon_Quartz_Prisms.pdf 107 kByte
PDF Prisms-complete BHalleCatalogEnglish-Prisms.pdf 460 kByte
PDF Right Angle Prisms Right_Angle_Prisms.pdf 101 kByte
PDF Amici-Prisms Amici_Prisms.pdf 104 kByte
PDF Kösters Interferenz Double Prisms Koesters_Interference_Double_Prisms.pdf 98 kByte
PDF Pellin-Broca Prisms Pellin-Broca_Prisms.pdf 126 kByte
PDF Beamsplitter Cubes Beamsplitter_Cubes.pdf 102 kByte
PDF Solid Glass Retroreflectors Solid_Glass_Retroreflectors.pdf 101 kByte
PDF Mirrors-complete BHalleCatalogEnglish-Mirrors.pdf 274 kByte
PDF Spherical Concave Mirror Substrates Spherical_Concave_Mirror_Substrates.pdf 102 kByte
PDF Plane Mirror Substrates Plane_Mirror_Substrates.pdf 104 kByte
PDF Retarders-complete BHalleCatalogEnglish-Retarders.pdf 1,0 MByte
PDF Achromatic Mica Retarders Achromatic_Mica_Retarders.pdf 112 kByte
PDF Achromatic Quartz and MgF2 Retarders Achromatic_Quartz_and_MgF2_Retarders.pdf 159 kByte
PDF Fresnel Rhombs Fresnel_Rhombs.pdf 169 kByte
PDF Soleil-Babinet Compensators Soleil-Babinet_Compensators.pdf 245 kByte
PDF Superachromatic Quartz and MgF2 Retarders Superachromatic_Quartz_and_MgF2_Retarders.pdf 146 kByte
PDF Mica Retarders Mica_Retarders.pdf 105 kByte
PDF MgF2 Retarders: low order MgF2_Retarders_low_order.pdf 140 kByte
PDF MgF2 Retarders: zero order MgF2_Retarders_zero_order.pdf 172 kByte
PDF Quartz Retarders: low order Quartz_Retarders_low_order.pdf 139 kByte
PDF Quartz Retarders: zero order Quartz_Retarders_zero_order.pdf 149 kByte
PDF Wavelength Dependencies of Retarders Wavelength_Dependencies_of_Retarders.pdf 99 kByte
Data Sheets
PDF Short Focal Length Polychromatic Lens OML 8.3.05 OML8305e.pdf 53 kByte
PDF Short Focal Length Polychromatic Lens OML 8.3.10 OML8310e.pdf 53 kByte
PDF fs- Achromat OFS 8.3.20 OFS8320.pdf 37 kByte
PDF fs- Achromat OFS 8.4.20 OFS8420.pdf 36 kByte